Sanctuary eDermaStamp – Microneedling or Medical Needling Treatment


Sanctuary eDermaStamp – Microneedling or Medical Needling Treatment


Sanctuary International Day Spas is proud to offer Microneedling or eDermaStamp at two of our GTA locations, Newmarket and Vaughan.

Microneedling or medical needling is a gentle, non-ablative (no skin removal), non-surgical, minimally invasive medical grade facial treatment that provides maximum skin improvement. This treatment involves taking advantage of the body’s own regeneration process by manoeuvring the eDermastamp device over the skin allowing it to prick the surface anywhere from 50 to 150 per second. This stimulates cell proliferation that results in new collagen formations leading to the skin’s improved thickness, texture and transparency.


This treatment has proven its effectiveness with repeated sessions for smoothing skin for scars, uneven texture, aged, sun-damaged, pigment disturbances, moderate atrophic acnes scars, stretch marks, “crow’s feet” wrinkles around the eyes, as well as upper lip, sides of the face, chin, and facial expression.


Please see our guest FAQ listed below, or you can feel free to contact our Newmarket or Vaughan location to book your Complimentary Consultation below.

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Sanctuary Day Spas eDermaStamp FAQ:


Does it hurt?


You will feel only a minimal discomfort.


How long is the treatment?

60 minutes.


What kind of training did your staff go through for this?

Our staff received full training from Dermaspark.


What should I do in preparation for the service (at home or any in spa services to get in beforehand)?

We will schedule a Complimentary Consultation prior to treatment to make sure you are a candidate.  A Health history, examination, assessment of scars and photo-damage will be done at Consultation.

We recommend to stop using Retinol one week prior to treatment as well as to stop taking Aspirin, Vitamin E, fish oils and Ginko Biloba 7 days before treatment, and to stop oral tretinoin 3 months before treatment. (If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at Sanctuary Day Spas or your doctor).

How long is to be expected to heal and is there anything I should do support healing directly after?

The patient can resume normal activities with 24 hours. Please avoid direct sunlight for 48 hours.


Is there any swelling or discolouration?

You may experience mild swelling and slight redness occurring after treatment. But the redness will reduce by 50% within hours.


Will there be time off work or social downtime be needed?

There is no downtime and no side effects. Only slight redness occurs after treatment, but the redness reduces by 50% within hours, so little to no social downtime needed either.


Can I wear makeup after, or how long after?

Makeup can be worn 24 hours after treatment.  Mineral makeup is best and we always highly recommend Jane Iredale which not only gives coverage but cares and protects your skin.


How long to see results and what to expect after treatment?

Day 1 TO 2:  Erythema (superficial reddening of the skin) and mild swelling subsides.

Day 2 TO 7: Increased exfoliation and dryness.

1 Week & Onwards: Improvement in texture and tone begins.

3 Weeks & Onwards: Improvement in pigmentation begins.

6 Weeks & Onwards: Improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and scars begin.


How often do I have this treatment done and how many should I have?

Results can vary between each person but a course of 1-3 treatments is normally recommended for optimum results (with a maximum of 5 treatments) to an average of 6 weeks apart. Your Sanctuary will set up a recommended treatment schedule that will fit your specific needs.


What at home care and/or products needed or recommended?

At home care is highly recommended. Our Swiss Clinical Post Treatment skin care pack, also referred to as the 911 Kit contains: Moisturizing Concentrate, and Regenerating Serum. 


Contra-indications that may cause this treatment to not be right for you are, (which will also be covered in your Complimentary Consultation):

Herpes simplex

Solar Keratosis 

Skin Cancer

Patients on Anticoagulants


Pregnancy and Lactation

Recent ablative dermal procedures


Please feel free to contact our Newmarket or Vaughan locations if you have any questions or to book your Complimentary Consultation below.

Book your Complimentary Consultation now. 


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