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As we all settle down to our winter hibernation following the holiday season, it is a time of self reflection for many people.

A common new year’s resolution is to join a gym. While the path to good health and body image begins with diet and exercise, there are always those stubborn areas that we can’t seem to improve no matter what we do. Body contouring treatments are directed at these problem areas to flatten or tighten them.

measureNew technology allows us to reduce fat deposits using ultrasound energy that heats and breaks the underlying fat cells without damaging the overlying skin. One version of this technology is called Liposonix, which is approved by Health Canada for fat reduction of the stomach, love-handles, spare-tire, and outer and inner thighs. The results are significant and apparent over about 12 weeks after the single one hour treatment. This is the period required by your body to degrade and eliminate the broken, dead fat cells resulting from the ultrasound energy. Liposonix and similar types of treatments have the best results when used in areas of mild to moderate fat excess with reasonably tight skin, as they depend on your skin’s natural ability to tighten over a bulge that has flattened after the therapy.

Non-surgical treatments like Liposonix can have profound results without the recovery time and minor risks that come along with any type of surgery. There is often some discomfort and tingling, bruising and swelling in the treated area last lasts for a few days; but unlike surgery, there is no need for general anesthesia or to take time off from work and away from the gym. However, for many, surgery is a better option to address areas with greater fat excess, or areas with loose or damaged skin, such as stretch marks.

For now, hit the gym and try that new diet that you saw in your favorite magazine to help restore your body. Try to establish a healthy pattern of eating and exercise and work towards getting within 10-20 pounds of your personal ideal weight. That is the best point to reward yourself with some extra help to restore your body image.

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cory goldberg

Cory S. Goldberg

Medical Director at Sanctuary Day Spas
Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

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