Registered Massage Therapy

Take care of you. Make time to relax your body and mind, reduce muscle fatigue and restore vital energy.

Our experienced therapists will help you restore, maintain and enhance your well-being – whether you have occasional aches and pains, chronic problems or just want to feel less tension overall. All of our RMTs are in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

As per CMTO regulations, your therapist cannot issue a receipt for a registered massage if the payment is made with a gift card.

Registered Massage Therapy

30 mins  |  $85
45 mins  |  $100
60 mins  |  $115
75 mins  |  $125
90 mins  |  $140

Couples RMT Therapy

We recommend you call 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure our couples massage room is available on the date you have in mind.

30 mins for two |  $170
45 mins for two | $200
60 mins for two |  $230
75 mins for two |  $250
90 mins for two |  $280

Pre and Post Natal Massage

Care for your changing body. Registered massage can ease aching muscles, lessen fluid retention and help with fatigue

30 mins | $85
45 mins | $100
60 mins | $115

Hot Stone Massage

This ancient healing art is used to balance physical and spiritual well-being. Warm basalt stones are placed over various muscle groups, relaxing the body and allowing you to enter a meditative state. A treatment not soon forgotten.

45 mins | $110
60 mins | $125
75 mins | $140
90 mins | $160

Reiki (Available at select locations)

A Japanese healing technique that uses life force energy to activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. While it involves little or no touch, it can leave you with a wonderful sense of physical and emotional well-being. 

45 mins |  $95


An ancient Chinese healing technique that stimulates pressure points on the feet that are linked energetically with the organs of the body. This treatment can be deeply relaxing and also improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.

45 mins |  $95