Medi-Spa Staff

Credentials count. If you’re considering Botox, dermal fillers, a skin rejuvenation treatment or surgery, you don’t want to have any doubts about the people treating you.

At Sanctuary Day Spa, all medical cosmetic procedures are overseen by a certified plastic surgeon – our medical director and partner, Dr. Cory Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg and his medical team are qualified to perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures and exercise the highest standards of care. Why accept anything less?

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Dr. Cory Goldberg | Plastic Surgeon, Craniofacial Surgeon

Dr. Cory Goldberg
Plastic Surgeon | Craniofacial Surgeon

Dr. Goldberg is a fully qualified cosmetic plastic and craniofacial surgeon who offers a range of esthetic and surgical services.


Karen Porciello | Patient Coordinator

Karen Porciello
Patient Coordinator


Heather Burley | RPN

Heather Burley

Heather is a Registered Practical Nurse, a certified Aesthetician and Personal Trainer. She has over 15 years experience in skin care, medical aesthetics and holistic therapies. She has worked in both the medical and spa environment.

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